Happy Birthday Lizzie Cracked!!!!

From some of your blogging friends, these are your virtual presents.
And we hope you have a fantastic birthday, and a great year!!!


I tell ya, the handle is a tail!!!

It has a tail too.

The Cucumber of God wishes Lizzie a happy birthday!

And now, a quick pause for




Lizzie, like a desert wildflower.

Don’t cry over spilled coffee beans…

…turn them into smiling birthday deliciousness!

If it has a tail, it’s wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

George has a tail too.
Yep, he’s also saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZZIE!!!

I guess it all means, that like a 1926 Model T “Tin Lizzie”,

our Lizzie keeps rolling along!

Yay! They’re focused on Lizzie so they won’t eat me! Hey…uhoh…

Even the goddamned Batman wishes Lizzie


Happy Birthday, Lizzie. And many more.

A perfect quote to follow through life…

Sigh. This is where it all started… And the rest is history…

Yo-Β where my Birthday Gurl at?

We can see right through your Auto-Correct, Lizzie! We speak your language!

Not just today, but EVERYDAY!

No Queen is complete without her chair…

We pretended to bake these just for you, Lizzie!

How could ANYONE forget?

And the confetti!





































Yo! Big Baby says “Pfsftwhehbbbbnnrrrtsff”! That means “Happy Birthday”!


And thanks to
El Guapo
Buddha Kat
Writer Wannabe 763
And all the rest of the ‘sphere for helping out with LizzieC’s birthday wishes!


47 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lizzie Cracked!!!!

    • DUDE!!! I hit that picture and I lost it…there are no words..none to ever equal i don;t even think there is a name for how I am beyond emoticating and exuberating ..hell I am FLYING..YOu and TMWGITU are my proof that true love exists and that are people meant to be together – I had almost given up on believing that..I had almost given up on believing ..that I had anything to offer anyone …..that I would really belong anywhere..you have been my hero since you talked me down fron the tree..I don;t even remember why I was up it anymore, just that you and TMWGITU..were there to help me down and have not waivered since..and goodness if you stuck with me through bananas and klonopin ramblings… .I love you, I love her, if I live to be god forbid – or whoever controls that stuff 100.I will never ever forget this what you and the others have done for me here…what you have shown me ..and its totally against what I wsa thining about this morning but that makes it even more special I think…I was thinking while writing the Tao of Me about how I have learned to let go of material possesions – to not give them so much meaning becasue I have had to..and I want to have mo mpre than a box pr suitcase of material things when I go to the great hereafter (we talked about this on Red’s Place awhile back…

      I am printing this out and all the posts and what comes in the mail – the plaque? or am i wring? – will all be amongst what I hold dear and sacred and valuable…. ok.. you know how much I like to share my mental imagery – picture this…Lizzie’s Heros (could be like HOgan;s Heros otLike JUstice League..or Recess.one part og bipolar disorfer that I hated was that it seemed to me that ..it changed my status from worthy and contributing friend to more of a burden because …i require a Team Lizzie..if you will..but I though who cares what I thought ..lets make tshirts…Team Lizzie and you have a ream and Red and Linda and Ginger..etc and so forth and there are more that cone and go…hold that thought..I mean it got away from me and that sucks cause it possibly might be a bunch of mish mash nothing makes sense when I menat it to mean something…..gah! its not like I dont know where to find you.. For Just some guy,,you are one hell of a friend and it is just as much my privilege to call you friend and to be on your team…thank you. from the bottom of my bottomless heart..
      ❀ Lizzie

      • You’re you LizzieC. Your the best LizzieC there could ever be, and it’s our pleasure!
        You have plenty to offer, and if you ever wonder, just look around the blogosphere – and see how many people you’ve connected with.
        The plaque should be there within a week, maybe by next Monday, and I hope you like it.
        And with a team like this, ain’t no way in hell we can lose!

        Happy birthday, Lizzie Cracked (not broken.)!

    • best ever – BEST EVER!! I have been trying to think of one better all day… nothin..nada ziltch…this one is the best… and that isnlt saying the rst of them were bad so you all outdid yourselves… EPIC and its on the Internet… πŸ˜€

  1. Happy Birthday Lizzie! I like you even tho we don’t really ‘know’ each other, because it must be an ultra-fantastic person who inspires all of this amazing birthday mambo! Have a great one….

    • thank you.. I had no idea I would ever inspire anything like it ..I know they put a lot of time into it …oh and now the weird post views are starting to make sense lol.. I have seen you on Guaps blog and I always really do have the bvest of intentions to visit..I’ll get there πŸ™‚ thank you so much for your birthday wishes.. I am just so ding dong happy πŸ˜€

  2. Happiest of the Happy Moments for you Lizzzie! I’d love to know you better and longer, and all my best wishes for the coming year!

    • thank you :_) I am oping that this day is the way the rest of the year will go.. well I may have to dial it down I am not sure how long I could sustan this tiype of yayness…. If you eve wanna say hey or whatev…I have a contact page on RNWS – its called ..Direct line to the Mothershp πŸ™‚ drop me a line πŸ™‚

    • thank you ..I can;t decide shiny catepillar or beautiful butterfly ? o I have de ja vu… LOVED the vlog – I laughed I cried it moved me…:-D serioulsy we were having a conversation it was way cool… I laughed so hard at some of it then cried…isaid that huh? I have been tryong to send you something alll DAY! did you get a new email addy? thank you so much for all of this and all the time and effort and ..love you..this was the BEST…

    • thank you..I always do a double take at your name – the brain wants to see it as Brian and usually does at first glance but I know its not so I look again.. did you plan that? πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you everyone my heart is overflowing with joy at the love and support and friendship here. To those that did the posts for the scavenger hunt each building a post around a specific word to create the address, and those that also planned plott4d coordinated and strategized, I know this has been an effort that has been in the works for awhile but never heard a whisper or had any idea of ..the greatness of it. I can not put my finger on any other birthday that had such a concentrated effort from so many.. You did great~ AND you put it on the internet so now its totally true the joke about I’m awesome I read it on the internet ….is no joke πŸ˜‰ If ever, or when I find myslf struggling in the darkness I wil find this here and see that there is reason, purpose and value, to what I do and who I am. Very often those are the things that cause the despair that threaen to consume and dim the light of my purpose, and being. I am not alone, and I don;t have to do it alone. ..I have a place where I fit in and disorderd or nuts I matter…. that it’s not in this corner against the whole wide world is Lizzie, it;s IN THIS CORNER READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD IN AN EPIC CHALLENGE OF SMART ENOUGH GOOD ENOUGH AND GOSH DARN IT YOU BETTER BE TREMBLING>>>TEEAAAMMMMMM LIZZIE!!! (totally thinking t-shirts) and oif it comes to be anyone else up against the world – well count me in on your team…. I am gonna go now because I feel like I might break in song or something corny… kinda like We are the worldish…. WE ARE THE CRACKED WE ARE THE …hee hee πŸ˜‰

    THank you you are all my heroes, my peeps…my lights to guide me through the dark. ….DO not forget,,,,
    If it doesnt have a tail its not a Monkey….
    Love … (is in the air) hahaha that onw was just for you Red… πŸ˜‰
    Love immeasurable and the deepest of gratitude,
    Lizzie ❀
    who knew you could get that just from a Happy Birthday??) πŸ˜›

  4. ok, now that you have re-entered earth’s atmosphere – you have, right? – I pull up the rear again… I’m never first to get anywhere, but damned if I don’t get there eventually!!!!
    I can’t tell you how much joy this was to participate in, knowing that it was all for YOU, lizzie… ALL4U!!!
    TEAMLIZZIE – I can dig it!!! You will always be my art sister, here and all over the cyber sphere…


  5. oh hey… what happened to the rest of the message that sent all my love and hugs and warm and fuzzies and inspirations and all the smooshy wooshy stuff!!! Definitely worth its very own comment box!!!


    • Gah. Somewhere (probably in your spam) are a pair of emails with the subject From El Guapo – Lizzie Cracked’s Birthday.
      When I didn’t hear back, I figured you just had too much going on.

      All that matters is that you came to celebrate our girl!

      • True that! All kidding a side. I really like her, love reading her, she is some kind of special person. Even when she writes during an episode and the post or comment is all over the place with crazy typo’s I can’t get enough. I THINK SHE IS A MUST READ. The ups and downs, the kids, the insecurities, the doubt I get so vested. Just want to give her a hug. I treat her like one of the Fellas. I just want her to believe in herself and be happy so she can help so many people understand.

        • how could I not trip all over myself at a cool dude who the very first time you ever visited over my way noticed that while trying to be vague about 7 things about me there were 17 on the about page? Even I had to hunt for t6 and 17. SAnd I was a polite and proper Lizzie til you had to out me as a shit talker and get me goin ..then knock me down with that restraining order πŸ˜‰ I think you just did it to see what I would do – its a Marine thing There isnt too much that scares me anymore – I am a Crazy CHick a Crazy Freak all I gotta do is slap on a fresh coat of glitter put on the body suit that I a almost totally rocki again( I get more points for being another year older and not afraid to wear it..do the rubber glue nanny boo boo and know that whatever it is that wants to bring me down I got the will and the mouth to face it…. you see right through all that huh.. ?? its mostly cause I got the bestest people in my corner and you guys wont let me fall….I did wonder where you were was trying to think of a clever way to say its my birthday in the captions of your pictures .. I almost had it to ..then these damn midgets turned up in the bk yard… and when I tried to change the radio in my head station that I have no control over…and uh oh yea! I solved the save a horse puzzle – save a horse so you can let it kick the hot outta the ac… at this rate I am going to be down right looney ..so dont go away πŸ™‚ you are awesome – thank your support – friendship – pep talks – it all mean the word to me. …
          So.. who we rooting for to go all the way to the Super Bowl this year? The P…hahahahah never make that mistake again I wont….even tho it was ntentional to get your attention! Go GIants! Are you ready for some FOOTBALL (and shit talkin? )

          Hey what do you know about getting rid of some pesky midgets…?????? And whgat size shirt do you want for your Team, Lizzie Jersey? Thanks for popping in… I am ALWAYS happy to see your bright shiny mug πŸ™‚

          • Dont do it, dont you dare! P….you know there are 3 things in my world you dont mess with! (1). my beloved Marine corps (2). N.Y. Giants (3). Barry White! Ha, Ha let everybody go back and read all our combined comments to fiqure out the restraining order thing. x-large! And i am still in therapy from you body suite, glitter ass, rubber whatever… comment you left on one of my post. Lets see people go back and find this one?

What are your birthday wishes for Lizzie Cracked (Not Broken)?

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